role of an SEO agency?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is the set of techniques used to obtain a good positioning of the pages of a site in Google and the other search engines, favoring organic traffic.

Seo agency role

This methodology, commonly, is divided between technology, content and authority, aiming to achieve the first results. Thanks to SEO, sites, blogs and web pages are optimized and ranked higher. In addition, they offer reliable content, with the right keywords, responding to the user’s request, without having to resort to new searches on the same subject.

The role of an SEO agency is to identify, qualify and create exceptional content to improve and boost the ranking of sites, pages and blogs. It promotes very complex strategic planning that requires several stages of work, from defining your goal to the step-by-step process to achieve it.

The first function of the SEO agency is to know why it is interesting for the user to be well ranked in search engines. Whether it is to increase sales, or to spread a brand, a site, a blog or an online store, the key is to have a well-defined objective.

To obtain this answer, an initial audit is carried out in order to identify the positive points and the improvements of the company. After that, the stages of the project begin, namely:

With the right knowledge, many of these steps can be done independently. However, there are tons of tools and information out there for this tracking, which can be confusing and time-consuming.

In other words, by trying to reduce the investment, the manager ends up taking on more tasks and getting fewer results. It is therefore essential to have the support of an SEO agency so that the strategies are effective and aligned. Thus, there is time left to perform other business functions, and all the benefits of SEO will be used and put into practice by a specialized team.

An SEO agency works to identify, qualify, and create exceptional content to showcase and leverage a brand in the web environment. By using the right techniques, in a professional manner, it is possible to attract more leads and improve business performance.

An SEO agency can help your business stand out from the competition on Google . How does this happen? When using the search engine, the user opts for the first answers. This way, it’s easier to attract leads, while increasing your brand credibility.

For this reason, among others, it is very important that companies have search optimization mechanisms, so that their content is among the first results. This task is the mission of the SEO agency , which can promote, through strategies, a better ranking of your site, guaranteeing commitment for the brand.

Additionally, an SEO agency is a digital agency that helps you improve your visibility on search engines (such as Google). An SEO agency helps you improve your position in search results, that is, the position of your web pages when a user performs a search. This is opposed to the SEA, the famous paid sponsorship.

A better understanding

If one comes into contact with SEO agencies, it is mainly because they improve your ranking in search engines, which increases the visibility of your website. Using a search engine optimization (SEO) agency is especially helpful if you have an e-commerce site or sell online. To make a comparison, it is not enough to have a store in a busy street. Doing SEO can be reduced to moving it to a more visible location.

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To improve your SEO, you can try to do it yourself by learning different techniques, but you must take into account that there are more than 200 recommendations from Google and they are not static. The rules change and, without wanting to impress you, you will have to consider several changes because a site that is well positioned today may not be so tomorrow. Search engines are constantly changing and that is why companies often hire an SEO agency to improve their rankings.

The question of profitability

Another reason to use an SEO agency : profitability. If you can imagine that doing it yourself is more profitable than using an SEO agency, many tools like Yooda, Majestic SEO, Semrush are paid… Analytics, Google Search Console or PageSpeed ​​Insight. Outsourcing can therefore be profitable because search engine optimization (SEO) agencies charge costs to their various clients, as with many activities.

But what should be entrusted to the SEO agency?

First of all, it should be remembered that the main task of an SEO agency is to bring your web pages to the first pages of Google for certain keywords. Obviously, you will not be present on all the pages, but the minimum remains visible from the first results of your brand.

An SEO agency like ours will initially offer you to optimize your website through its structure, its tree structure and its network. He can complete your work by offering to improve your editorial content and, in particular, to develop the keywords that will be used when writing the web.

However, there are many other technologies, such as netlinking, that allow you to build backlinks. Partnerships created with relevant websites can help you improve your SEO. A search engine optimization (SEO) agency can go even further by improving the user experience, i.e. by taking into account the way your users navigate your site.

In conclusion, it is usually worth contacting an SEO agency to check whether your website technically meets the requirements of search engines and improve its position in search results for your strategic keywords.

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