iPhone Failures

The battery of an iPhone has a lifespan between 3 to 5 years. Beyond this period, it may show wear, which explains the loss of autonomy.

It also happens that a bad habit accelerates the failure of the batteries of the iPhone . In most cases, you plug your device into a charger while its battery is not yet dead. Over time, your iPhone’s battery loses its life

The battery life problem can also be linked to the deterioration of one of the components of the device . When the charging port is faulty, your iPhone battery is not charged properly. In some cases, the charging cable may show signs of wear.

Does your iPhone have a battery life problem? Remember to check all these probable causes of this technical failure before considering replacing the battery of the device. The intervention of a professional is a reliable and effective solution to have your iPhone repaired .

iPhone black screen

Is your iPhone screen black even though the device is on? Be aware that the absence of display (or black screen) is not normal. Generally, this malfunction is caused by the following cases:

Apart from these technical failures, dropping the device can also be the cause of iPhone black screen . In this specific case, the shock caused the battery to move, which caused the loss of energy.

Rest assured, this problem is not always irreversible. Have the reflex to turn off then turn on your iPhone. If this tip does not correct the problem, the failure may be more serious. Avoid at all costs venturing to disassemble your device. It is better to go to a professional to diagnose the cause of the black screen and repair the device.

iPhone ignition problem

Are you trying in vain to turn on your iPhone, but you can’t? Before concluding that it is a technical fault, check the location of the battery and press the Power button. All these tricks for iPhone not working? The iPhone not turning on problem can be caused by the following cases:

In some cases, iPhone not turning on problem is due to power surge. Be careful, the variation of the electric current can damage several components of the device.

To diagnose an iPhone failure, the service of a professional is highly recommended. These service providers are more qualified to take care of any type of technical problem. Moreover, they can provide you with iPhone tips and repair the device.

The iPhone has only one button on its front panel, called “home” . Among other things, this allows you to easily quit an application and then access the home page. Over time, the iPhone home button no longer works properly.

Apart from wear and tear, this hardware failure is simply explained by the fouling of the front of the iPhone . If this is the case, all you have to do is wipe off the dirt with a cloth soaked in alcohol.

If this trick does not solve the malfunction of the home button of your iPhone, it is better to call a specialist. This professional has the skills required to repair common iPhone failures, regardless of the severity of the damage.

Wi-Fi problem

A priori, your iPhone does not present any anomaly. It can be started without difficulty, and all its options are operational. However, one problem remains unresolved: you cannot connect to a wifi network.

Although these technical failures do not directly affect the operation of your device, they should not be taken lightly. Indeed, access to applications is restricted without an internet connection.

According to specialists, the wifi problem can be caused by the use of an outdated iOS version. If this is your case, all you have to do is update the operating system. Also remember to reset the network setting to take full advantage of a wifi connection.

In the event that access to the wifi network is impossible, it is better to contact a professional to detect and repair the technical faults of your iPhone. This option is more reliable for obtaining a result that meets your expectations.

Appearance of a blue screen on the iPhone

We often hear about the display of a blue on PC computers. But, this problem can also affect iPhone devices. This is actually a “bug” caused by several factors, including:

For these cases, you just need to turn off and then restart your device to resolve this failure. It is also important to turn off iCloud syncing with apps like iWork or Keynote to be safe from a blue screen.

The display of a blue screen was more frequent on the iPhone 5. According to experts, this technical problem is caused by the incompatibility of the A-7 chip with certain applications. But, Apple has already solved this problem.

If you are still faced with this technical failure, it is strongly recommended that you entrust the repair of your device to a specialist. This professional will be able to resolve this anomaly as soon as possible.

Defective camera

It’s not uncommon for you to use your iPhone to take selfies. With editing software, you can get better quality images. Unfortunately, not all iPhone users can take advantage of these deals. A technical camera failure is common on some iPhone models:

If your iPhone has any of these issues, it’s actually a design flaw. Generally, Apple has taken steps to correct these flaws. In addition, if other malfunctions of the camera of your iPhone persist, it is better to benefit from the support of a professional. Unbeknownst to you, water may have leaked inside your device. Only a specialist has a required skill to detect an iPhone failure.

iPhone battery not charging

Even if you’re careful, iPhone components have a limited lifespan . And the battery is an accessory that can easily wear out. To return to normal use of your appliance, all you have to do is replace the defective spare parts.

To be sure that the failure is not related to the battery or one of the components of your device, remember to do some checks on the connection of your iPhone. If you are unable to detect the origin of the technical failure, it is prudent to contact a professional. Indeed, in some cases, the faulty motherboard charging module causes the charging problem. To remedy this, it is essential to carry out a micro-welding. Which is complicated if you don’t know about it!

iPhone touchscreen problem

Do you usually store your iPhone in the bottom of your pocket? Without you realizing it, your device can suffer shocks all day long . Be aware that over time, the touch screen of your smartphone may malfunction. It may no longer react to touch:

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