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There are many benefits of increasing your Instagram followers . The challenge is to make users want to be part of your community. No matter what social media strategy goals you set for yourself, let us tell you about the challenges of getting more followers on Instagram .

Why increase the number of followers of his Instagram account?

On the one hand,  increasing Instagram followers  is a good way for you to build a strong community around your brand or business. Instagram is a valuable tool for building digital notoriety. Your community represents as many potential customers who may one day buy your products or use your services.

Indeed, Instagram is the perfect place to talk about your business and challenge users about your uniqueness. Your Instagram feed is a bit like your business’s showcase. At a glance, it allows users, who do not know you, to understand your concept.

It is by working on your storytelling, by revealing the backstage of your company in post, in Reals or in story, that you will manage to humanize your company and make users want to become your customers.

Should you increase your Instagram views or followers?

If you are wondering how to measure the effectiveness of your social media strategy, two key performance indicators are to be considered: the views of your publications (these give you an idea of ​​the reach of your content) and the number of subscribers. (it represents the volume of your community).

These two performance indicators are interconnected. The more followers you have, the more your number of views also increases. Note, however, that by using relevant hashtags and posting quality content, Instagram’s algorithm can boost your content and make it appear in the explore of many users of the social platform. This is the goal to aim for every time you post content.

When our posts appear in Instagram’s explore or get a good reech in the Actuals, we maximize our chances of increasing our Instagram views and increasing our Instagram followers .

Finally, to measure the effectiveness of your content, we strongly advise you to calculate the engagement rate of your publications. To calculate it, you just need to take the difference between your number of followers and the number of interactions (likes, shares, saves, comments)

Is it dangerous to gain Instagram followers quickly?

It is not, strictly speaking, dangerous to  gain Instagram followers quickly . What matters is how you get those new followers.

Indeed, there is no point in  gaining followers quickly if they are not real people likely to interact with your publications. Anyone who follows you must subscribe because they find it of real interest. Having an account with a community of 10,000 followers but 40% fake accounts is not an effective long-term strategy.

The key on Instagram is to have a qualified audience to get a good engagement rate on your posts and stories. The more qualified your audience, the more likely you will be to convert your followers into customers.

Having a solid community of qualified followers on Instagram is a long-term job. To encourage new users to join your community, we give you our valuable advice.

Connect your Instagram account to other social media accounts

According to Neil, linking your Instagram and Facebook accounts should help you gain more followers, since almost 20% of your Facebook friends are also Instagram users.

This technique will help your friends discover you as an Instagram user and then they will start following you. Obviously, this is the first thing you need to do when you register, but you can also do it afterwards. If some of your new Facebook friends decide to join Instagram, you know where to find them.

If you have already linked your accounts and are still looking for more followers, an easy way to get their attention is to post your Instagram photos to Facebook, or other social media (Twitter) accounts. By promoting your Instagram profile on other social media accounts, you’re not only showing where they can find you, but also the things they’ll be able to see when they follow you.

Keep an eye on what works

The “popular” tab is the best place to start when looking for what gets people’s attention.

Whenever you find something wildly popular, try to find out what was in that photo to make people react. There is almost always a pattern that you can see.

For example, the “popular” hashtag is full of beautiful photos with bright colors, strong contrasts, unique perspectives, or cute girls. Try making your own versions with these criteria to see if it works.


It is important to note here that Instagram followers tend to like photos that are simply stunning. Random low-quality photos of your dog, food, or drink won’t help if you really want to stand out. So try to be very, very selective in choosing which photos you want to upload.

Use popular hashtags and relevant keywords

Not only do hashtags help categorize content, but they also give your photos greater visibility and a chance to be found. The more popular the hashtag, the higher the chances of getting a new follower or a “like”.

If you are looking for the latest and popular hashtags, check out the top hashtags for webstagram . Currently, the top five include #picoftheday #love #food #colorful and #instalike.

You can also use hashtags like #FF (Follow Friday), #instafollow, #followback, #l4l (like for like) and #tagsforlikes which are specifically used for the purpose of gaining likes and followers.

Be sure to include these hashtags in your photo captions with relevant keywords. Don’t forget geolocation either! Geolocation places your content in the automated pages of the places in question (and therefore increases the chances that people find you on this precise page).

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